How Our Charity Helps Families:

Saving the future for single-parent families in need by giving them the miracle of transportation.

Without a car a single-mom family can’t “be there” for school, work, emergencies, healthcare, groceries, child activities, and more. Your generous tax deductible donations, and by spreading the word on social media, you will “be there” for these families, so they can “be there” for life.

Donate A Car To Charity

Your car donation makes possible transportation for a struggling family. Donate a used car or boat, in any condition. If your car doesn’t run and can’t be repaired, we can still use it for parts or to fund the purchase of a working car, transit pass, or ride, to give to a single-parent family in need.

Know the Need:

I am a single mother to a beautiful baby girl. I live out in the country and lost my job and had to drop out of school because I lost my car. I have been applying for jobs and have had interviewed for positions but have no way of getting there. I am in desperate need of help. This would change and better the life of my daughter and I.


I am 38 year old woman with 8 kids at home. . .Because of no reliable transportation I have lost out on many opportunities in my life including jobs. I have also not been able to go to regular doctor appointments, take the kids places, visit my elderly parents who I barely see. Go run errands for the house, go pay the bills, shopping with kids or grocery shopping which is another challange [sic]. The biggest issue now is that I finally had a chance to live my dream and become a Real Estate agent just recently, only by paying the expenses with what I saved up from income from previous job and signing on to a brokerage. However, I haven’t shown any activity as I feel I can’t perform my duties [without a car]. I was heartbroken recently as the help and love I thought I had turned very cold. . .Do you know what it feels like to be in this situation where you need so much and you had someone who used everything against you. That car I needed was my key to freedom and success. I have nearly nothing now but with a car I am sure it will be better. . .a car can help me to be free. Do what i need to do for me and my children. I can seek opportunities so that I can never do without a car especially in suburbs. I am a hardworking, intelligent person who just lacks the necessities like transportation. . .I am in need of a car to keep a career I already worked so hard for. I just simply need help for real. No false promises, no gimicks [sic], no humiliation, all I need is to have my very own car and I can support my family. Transportation is never to be taken for granted. If I had the gift of transportation I would be extremely grateful. -Lori

I’m a single dad, with two boys 11 & 14 yrs of age. I have been without a car for about a year now. And where I live the nearest public transportation is miles away. And jobs are just as far. I have no problem finding or getting work. Its [sic] getting there. I recently separated from my wife of 16 years. I had trouble dealing with it, so now I go to rediscover mental health, and am on medication. I’ve been diagnosed with PTS, & BIPOLAR DEPRESSION. So they have help me file for disability. But not receiving it yet. Were [sic] I mean me and my kids are nearly homeless. That wouldn’t be so bad if we had transportation. But without we can’t even get to a shelter. The worst feeling I have ever felt is when I don’t know what I’m going to do, and looking at my kids not knowing what to tell them. They are such wonderful boys. . .But I’m afraid the state will step in if I don’t find help and a salutation soon. Please if I qualify this will be our blessing. – Jesse

I’m A Single Mom Of Two Beautiful Baby Girls. I Got Burnt From The Waist Down When I Was Two Years Old, I’ve Been In and Out Of Surgery Every Since. I Don’t Have Any Close Family and I’m Currently On Disability. I Receive $710 Every Month. It’s Hard Trying To Buy A Car, Play Bills, And Take Care Of Me and My Kids With So Little Money, But I Keep My Faith in God, And I Know If I Was To Get Blessed With A Car That It Would Be Easier On Me In That I Could Find Me Another Source Of Income To Provide For Me and My Baby Girl.


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What does a family miss out on if they don’t have a ride?

  • Job Interview
  • Work
  • Healthcare
  • Child’s Sport or Recital
  • Schooling
  • Daycare
  • Groceries
  • Playground
  • Graduation
  • Child Recognition Events
  • Funeral
  • Extended Family Gatherings
  • And More. . .

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