Official 501c3 Non-Profit Status!

Despite our inspired beginnings, and many generous donations, Cars For Moms hadn’t reached maturity until today. Well, we still have a ways to go. But with new leadership and a re-dedication to realizing Jon Doxey’s vision, we reorganized Cars For Moms earlier this year and today we recieved our Letter from the IRS recognizing us as an official “public charity.”

What does this mean? Having this 501c3 status with the IRS means “donors can deduct contributions they make to [us] under the IRC Section 170.” So any donations or gifts made to Cars for Moms are tax deductible on your taxes.

We must say thanks to all of those who made donations, knowing we didn’t yet have this status, so their donations were not tax deductible. However, they still donated out of the goodness of their hearts, wanting to support this worthy cause.

Now all such support not only benefits single-parent families in need, they also give you a tax break. Thank you in advance for your donations.


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