Our Mission

Our mission is to save the future for single-parent families in need by giving them the miracle of transportation.

Without transportation, a family can’t “be there” for school, work, groceries, emergencies, health care, child sports and recitals, play, celebrations, and more. With generous donations of time, cars, and money, we can, together, “be there” for these families, so they can “be there” for life.

We use donations to provide free automobiles, public transit, rides, and auto repair, all with the goal to help these families become more self-reliant and give them the means to lift themselves out of their dire situation.

Our History

In 2010 Jon Doxey’s sister heard an ominous knock at the door. A highway patrol officer stood on the doorstep with life-shattering news: “You husband’ been killed on the freeway.”

In the months that followed Jon saw his sister, the mother of seven children with an eighth on the way, pressed by the new and overwhelming burden of being a single parent to a family in need of more support than they could get. His compassion sparked the inspiration for a new movement to help single-parent families in need—Cars for Moms.

Jon went about collecting donations of old cars from generous parties and began repairing them to give away. Despite not, yet having the official non-profit status, Jon and several volunteers were able to give away several cars over the past seven years—making a real positive impact in the lives of several single moms.

Unfortunately, life didn’t stop and allow Jon to realize the potential of this effort. For all the good he was doing, life was too busy, and Cars for Moms was too unorganized and unfocused to be sustained.

At the beginning of 2017, Matthew Lisonbee approached Jon and his son Brock about putting a serious effort into making Jon’s vision a sustainable reality. Matthew, a small business owner, had helped Jon on a few Cars for Moms projects in the past and caught the vision of how much good could be done.

With Jon’s blessing Brock and Matthew reorganized Cars for Moms with the State of Utah. And on April 5, 2017, the IRS officially recognized Cars for Moms as a sanctioned non-profit under the 501 (c) (3) IRS code, meaning that all donations made to Cars for Moms are tax deductible.

With this new beginning, Cars for Moms is set to expand across the country and help as many single-parent families in need as it possibly can, in every corner of this nation.

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Our Staff & Volunteers

We are blessed with dedicated staff and selfless executive volunteers.

  • James Hoffman
  • Danny Culmer
  • Brian Langford
    • Paula Parsons
    • Stephanie Hanks
    • Lee Lisonbee
      • Mitch Winegar
      • Kelly Lambert
      • Jules Avellino
      • “We don’t want to just help these moms today, we want to give them the means to improve their situation for the future. That’s what we do. The miracle of transportation literally is the vehicle to greater possibilities for these families.”

        -Matthew Lisonbee