Cars for Moms Success Stories

Giveaway: December 14, 2011

December 14, 2011

OREM — A personal experience prompted John Doxey to found Cars for Moms — a nonprofit effort to help single mothers who are in need of transportation.

“A highway patrolman came to my sister’s house. She had seven kids and one on the way and he announced to her, ‘Your husband’s been killed on the freeway,’” recalled John Doxey, founder of Cars for Moms. “Our family got together and got her a car and that’s how this started.”

On Wednesday, he worked with the ChainBreaker Foundation, an advocacy group that helps those in abusive relationships to give away two refurbished cars to two Utah women in time for Christmas.

“There is a great need out there,” Doxey said. “There are a lot of mothers out there that need transportation.”

Cheri, who requested her last name not be used, is one of those women. A single mother with three children, she recently divorced her abusive husband.

The ChainBreaker Foundation has helped me a lot. It has literally saved my life many times,” she said.

The foundation joined with Doxey to arrange for Cheri to receive a Chrysler Town and Country mini-van.

Inside, was an array of brightly wrapped Christmas gifts for her children.

“I think I’m having a dream.  Someone needs to pinch me and make sure this is not just a dream,” Cheri said amid tears. “This is wonderful.”

Doxey also presented Cheri with the title of the vehicle, a $50 gas card and a few months of paid insurance.

“This is a miracle,” Cheri said.

Doxey’s goal is to receive 20 donated vehicles a month that he could either refurbish or salvage.

“We’ll use the salvage money to repair the ones that we can,” he said. “We need your help out there.”

Giveaway: May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY — A nonprofit organization that donates cars to single mothers struck again Wednesday, surprising a woman at her workplace with her very own car.

Mallerie Wood’s co-workers at Auto Body and Paint Supply, 3000 S. 300 West stood by smiling, clapping and even shedding some tears watching as Wood was presented with her own car.

“It’s a title!” she said, as Cars for Moms founder John Doxey handed her the document. “Oh my gosh! To this car?”

“She’s really surprised,” said Jay Write, Wood’s co- worker. “And if anybody deserves it, it’s Mallerie.”

Doxey took the car and had it painted, put in new brakes, a stereo, got it a tune-up and had some transmission work done. The car and all the work that went into it were donated. Even the towing needed to bring the car to Wood was donated.

“Tow guys don’t usually have the best reputation around town, so it’s our opportunity to give back,” said Scott Perry, with Beehive Towing.
For Perry, watching this single mom get a break clearly touched him. “I too have been down and out, and I know how it is,” he said. “People stepped in and helped me out. It’s my opportunity to give back.”

As have so many: a muffler shop, a glass company, three different mechanic shops, and a transmission shop. Most recently, the Larry H. Miller Group pitched in.

“Larry Miller Lexus did an $1,800 repair job on (another) car. They donated that to Cars for Moms,” Doxey said. “We are going to donate that to a single grandmother.”

He hopes the donated cars keep coming so he can keep giving them away. His motivation for Cars for Moms: his sister whose husband was killed in an accident. The newly single mother was left with seven children and one on the way to raise.

“Her name is Michael, and all of our volunteers are called ‘Michael’s Angels,'” Doxey said. Cars for Moms isn’t ask for brand new cars, or even cars that work. Doxey said his group will salvage cars, and then take the money and put that into fixing up a donated car.