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Help Single Moms

There were 12 million single-parent families in the USA during 2016, more than 80% were headed by single mothers. Almost half of the 17.2 million children being raised by single mothers live below the poverty line. Without transportation, there is no hope for better education or better employment. Donating a car or other vehicle blesses them with opportunity to better their situation.

Donate a Car to Charity

Your car donation makes transportation possible for a struggling single-parent family. Donate your vehicle, in any condition, whether it be a car, truck, boat, tractor, van, RV, or other automobile. If your car doesn’t run and can’t be repaired, we can still use it for parts, to fund the purchase of a working car, or to purchase rides and transit passes to give to a single-mom family in need.

How Much is My Tax-Deductible Car Donation Worth?

The IRS has set $500 as the threshold that determines the requirements to claim a vehicle contribution deduction.

If the value is under $500 we will inform you with the required written acknowledgment and you may determine the fair market value you can claim under $500.

If your vehicle has a fair market value over $500, and we determine that your vehicle will be given to a qualified single mom, or that funds can be used to repair your vehicle, you are then allowed to claim the full fair market value for your vehicle, on your taxes, as described in several car value guides (i.e. Kelley Blue Book or NADA Guides). If we decide it’s not practical to repair your vehicle and we liquidate it in the condition it was donated, and use those funds to provide rides for single-parent families or repair another vehicle, you may deduct the amount that we receive for the donation.

You may want to review the IRS’ “A Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donation” to better familiarize yourself with the requirements and benefits of your tax write-off donation.

Per the IRS Instructions, Cars for Moms is responsible for filing form 1098-C on your behalf, if the value of the donation is over $500. We must have your Social Security number in order to file this form with the IRS.