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88.4% of single mothers live in poverty, with 51.9% living in extreme poverty. Without a ride, there is little to no chance of improving the situation. It’s also a challenge to get a car to every single parent. But with the ease of new technology and innovative businesses, you can donate a ride to a single parent family to help them be there for that job-interview, schooling, critical healthcare, or day-care.


There were 12 million single parent families in the USA during 2016, more than 80% were headed by single mothers. Almost half of the 17.2 million children being raised by single mothers live below the poverty line. Without transportation, there is no hope for better education or better employment. Donating a vehicle or money for a car blesses them with opportunity to better their situation.



Being a single parent in a major metropolitan area comes with unique challenges. It also has some advantages. One advantage your donation will help them seize is public transit. Without transportation, there is no hope for better education or better employment. With a modestly generous donation you can provide crucial transportation for a family in need, and restore hope.

More than 1 in 3 single mother families lived in poverty in 2015. A US Census Bureau report states: “Single-parent renters in major metropolitan areas are 7 times more likely to lack a motor vehicle than their owner counterparts.” Poverty keeps most single parents from owning a home or apartment, which means they are also without car. While it may be difficult to get cars to all of those in need, it is also very valuable for those living in major metropolitan areas to have access to public transit, to meet their crucial transportation needs. To this end we ask for your generous donation to provide hope to single parent families with a transit pass for their family.


5.3 million single-parent families below the poverty line in 2015. 4.4 million lead by a female. Some are fortunate to have a car; but, they are burdened by repair costs they can’t afford. Instead of giving them a new car, you generous donation will help them repair and utilize what they do have.


Donate a Ride.
Make a One-Time Donation:


      Your donations will contribute to providing a Car, Transit Passes, Ride Shares, Car Repair, or Airfare for single moms in need.
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*We define a ride as a one-way trip to a single location.
Transit costs of single ride pass and unlimited month passes are based on the average costs of such passes in 15 major metropolitan transit systems across the United States.
For Ride share we referenced found on which reported that in 2016 the national average trip distance on Uber was 6.4 miles, at an average trip cost of $12.95, based on the average of Uber and Lyft trip-cost data.
How do we factor $5 equals 20 rides? Using $2,000 as an estimated cost of a fair-quality used car—given to a single-parent family—we then factor the average frequency of rides in a month. The New York City transit website estimated the individual ride value of a month pass based on 75 rides per month. We likewise use this figure and justify it with the factoring of an average of 21.7 work/school days in a month, which require a minimum of 43.3 rides (one trip to work/school and one trip from work/school). Out of 75 rides in a month, this leaves 31.7 single-trip rides for use the rest of the month, or 15.85 round -trip rides, or an average of 4 round trips per week outside of work or school.
Then we factor for an average single-parent family of 3 (1 adult and 2 kids), and accordingly factor the need for rides for the whole family to school, work, daycare, healthcare, groceries, extracurricular activities, etc. If the whole family takes a trip together to the grocery store, that would be 3 rides to the store, and 3 rides returning, for a total of 6 rides to get every member of the family to and from the destination. So we times the average 75 rides per month by 3, for a total of 225 Rides per month, and 2,700 per year. If we make a conservative estimate of the car’s life being only 3 years, that gives us an estimated 8,100 rides in that time span. We then divide $2,000 (cost of car) by 8,100 rides, over a 3 year life span of the car, which gives us a ride value of $0.25. Divide a $5 donation by the $0.25 ride value, and that donation is worth 20.25 (rounded to 20) rides—if that money is used to help buy or repair a $2,000 car.
While the average number of rides for a family of 3 may seem generous, we believe factoring the lifespan of a car as only 3 years, instead of 5 or more, is very conservative. If factored at 5 years, then a $5 donation could contribute to 33.75 rides given. Recognizing all numbers are estimates and averages, we are comfortable in promoting the potential of any $5 donation in creating 20 rides (possibly more) for a single-parent family in need.